So, I’ve been a little dense with my posts these past few days…My apologies, but sometimes a girl just has to let it out!

The title of this post should be “Why I Can Count My Friends On One Hand”, because lately that’s what I’ve noticed it’s boiled down to (and I have a couple of fingers left over…Any takers??).

Yesterday, two of my so-called friends asked me – almost bullied me – into going out for coffee with them. I had a ton of work and wanted to drive up to see Mr. T, but I figured I could use a couple of hours of “girl time” before the weekend. I hurried to get my work done, showered, packed my weekend bag, took out the trash, and dashed out the door.

Neurotically punctual, I arrived at the coffee shop at 6:oopm sharp (our appointed meeting time). I knew my friends were always a few minutes late (they’re on Mexican time), so I pulled out my New Yorker and started reading. I got caught up in a very interesting article and when I looked at my watch I was startled: it was 6:30pm!!

I pulled out my cell phone and called one of my friends. She answered and told me she was stuck inside her building’s garage because the garage door code was changed for security reasons and nobody warned her. She wailed: “Trust me, I’ve been in my car for 10 minutes!” I did some mental math and realized that at the time she got into her car, she was already 20 minutes late for our meeting. But, whatever…I told her I’d take a rain-check, considering our other friend hadn’t bothered to show up, either.

This afternoon, I get an I.M. from the second friend, apologizing profusely for not arriving on time. Thank GOD for the visual anonymity of instant messaging; I was able to stick out my tongue at her without her knowledge. The excuse that followed her apology was: “I had the most horrendous day yesterday!” Worried that something had gone wrong with her recently announced pregnancy (she miscarried last year), I asked her what was amiss. She replied: “Oh, nothing much. I just had to go to Office Depot to get some copies and they took forever!”