February 2007

Have I ever told you guys that I love you???  Well, I do!!  (No, I’m not drunk!  Geez… Can’t a girl just show her loyal blog readers some luuuv?)  Thanks for the wonderful birthday wishes!!
Sorry for those of you who didn’t get to play “Which one’s false?”, but I had to post the answers before my mom got here.  I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to blog in private during her visit.  Luckily, the two-hour time difference meant she was out like a light by 9pm, giving me enough time to take a peek at my blog while I wait for Mr. T to come home (he e-mailed his schedule this time!  The man is learning… )  Kudos to 2×4 for aceing the test, although you DID call me a liar!!  But you’re a good blogger so I forgive you. 🙂

Things that make you go “hmmm”: Today I called the Mexican Donald Trump (MDT), the dude who called me last week about the great job/project (I Googled him and found out he’s some kind of magnate of Mexican land development).  He had asked me to call this week to set up an appointment to discuss my involvement, but when I contacted him this afternoon he said: “We’re putting together the master plan right now and I’ll e-mail it to you in a couple of days to get your thoughts on where we’re placing everything.”  

Um… That’s great and all, but how’s about you show me the money first, Trumpy?  We haven’t talked about my participation in this project yet (and by participation I mean “cut”, “rate”, “moola”, etc.), so if he thinks I should be flattered to have the opportunity to share my hard-earned knowledge with him for free, he’s barking up the wrong wedding planner.  The “S” on my forehead stands for “Sexy”, not “Stupid”. 😉  Stay tuned…

On another note, I must say: I LOVE MY MOMMA!!  We haven’t stopped gabbing since she got off the plane!  How is it that two women who just five years ago couldn’t stand each other can now be such good friends???  Well, for one, I think she finally realized it’s my life and she can’t tell me how to live it, while it dawned on me that maybe after 33 years of marriage she knew a thing or two about life.  And also, we realized that we’re both a product of extremely different childhoods, cultures, and generations, so we couldn’t expect to react similarly to situations in our life.  Whatever the case, I am thrilled that we are now such good friends.  Woooohoooo!!!

All right, one more hour until Mr. T gets home, thank goodness for Blogroll… You’re getting sleeeeeeepy… 


I was tagged to reveal seven weird facts about me, six of them true and one false. You can see the original post here, and below are my answers. Did you guess correctly?

1. I have moved to a new home a total of 26 times in my (almost) 31 years of life. True.

My biggest wish is to find a place to finally call home.

2. I’m passionate about languages. True.

I only wish I had more patience and discipline.

3. My dream until the age of 15 was to be a professional ballet dancer. True.

I still have dreams where I dance.

4. I haven’t taken a single antibiotic or any other type of medicine (other than the occasional aspirin) since the age of 9 (that’s 22 years!!). True.

Because of this, my body has learned to fight off viruses and I rarely get sick.

5. I took a year off during college to travel through India. False!!!

If I had the money and the time, I would be in India right now, but I’ve never been there before.

6. I quit drinking coffee cold turkey about four months ago and didn’t get a single withdrawal symptom. True.

It’s all in the mind, I don’t even miss it.

7. Babies weird me out. True.

Once they talk, I’m fine. But all that crying and drooling…

Thanks for playing, all five of you faithful readers! 😉

P.S. My mom arrives today and we’re spending the entire week together. She doesn’t know about this blog and I want to keep it that way, so it’ll be hard to sneak in posts. However, this is revving up to be a helluva week, between her visit, our trip to Vegas (!), my potential interview for the new job, and my 31st birthday on Friday!! I’ll be back next week with a re-cap (either that, or I’ll have to sneak online in the middle of the night while she’s asleep.) HAVE A FUN WEEK!!!

Preface: I’m down in Baja all weekend meeting with clients, while Mr. T is in San Diego. We always talk or e-mail at least once a day when we’re apart, and have been doing so for over 10 months. Neither of us has a phone at home, just a cell phone.

Friday morning:

Leave your message after the beep… “Hey Mr. T, I have some amazing work news! Please call me.”

Friday afternoon e-mail:

“Hey dude, I got some really cool news. You’re not answering your phone so call me/write me when you get a chance.”

Friday evening:

Leave your message after the beep… “Dude, your battery is dead again, I see. I haven’t heard from you all day. Call me when you get a chance, ok?”

Saturday morning:

Leave your message after the beep… “Hey dude, I haven’t heard from you since Thursday. Just wanna make sure everything’s ok!”

Saturday afternoon E-mail:

“Hi sweetheart, I guess you’re busy. It just seems strange that I haven’t heard from you since Thursday and it’s now Saturday afternoon. I would appreciate a quick note saying you’re ok.”

Saturday, 7:00pm

Leave your message after the beep… “Hi hun, it’s me… again. I’m starting to hate your phone. I’m worried about you. No phone call and no e-mail since Thursday? That’s sooooo not normal.”

Saturday, 10:00pm

Leave your message after the beep… “ARGH! I’m worried about you!!”

Sunday, 3:50am


T., I’m worried sick about you. I can’t sleep. You haven’t answered your phone or communicated with me in over two days. I’m concerned something’s happened to you. I even started driving towards the border at freaking 3:00am but I didn’t have gas and the gas stations were closed. (Note to reader: We live over 100 miles apart, and Mexican gas stations close at night.) I will drive up there tomorrow afternoon, as soon as I finish my meeting.

Looooong night of restless sleep and weird dreams ensues…

Sunday, 8:00am

E-mail from Mr. T:

Subject: Uneventful here

“Hi. Things have been uneventful here. Just trying to get some work done and I forgot to recharge my cell phone. So, what’s your big news?”

*sigh* So now I’m sitting here with a bag of frozen stir-fry vegetables over my swollen, puffy eyes, trying to figure out if I should explain to him that women worry about the men they’re in love with (especially when those men love to ride their bikes down freaking big, dangerous hills at 40mph just inches from cars going twice that speed). Or maybe I should just play it cool? (Hard to do after you’ve left eight voice messages.)

I replied to his e-mail saying:

“You know I understand when you need to work and I will never get in your way.  However, in reciprocity I expect a quick message letting me know your plans so I don’t worry about your lack of communication.”

Was I asking too much by expecting a quick “I’ll be working all weekend, don’t bug me” e-mail? Am I stupid to worry about him? I have, in the past, asked him to just let me know when he’s going to be working so that I don’t worry about his lack of communication. Is it self-centeredness on his part, or needless paranoia on mine? And more importantly, does anyone have a trick for deflating puffy eyes?

I’d like to thank Mel for deflowering my virgin blog. I’m supposed to tell you seven weird things about me, except one of them is not true! Guess which one is false and you’ll become the lucky recipient of more information about me than you probably ever wanted to know. Without further ado, I present “Seven Weird Things About Me”:

1. I have moved to a new home a total of 26 times in my (almost) 31 years of life. My parents have the nomad gene, and I seem to have inherited this exhausting trait. I didn’t even count the times I moved to different dorm buildings while in college! I can pack an entire house in a day and a half.

2. I’m passionate about languages. I speak three languages fluently: Spanish, English, and French. I was pretty fluent in German at one time in my life, but now I’m too lazy to keep up with my studies and I can only converse haltingly. I can also get around in Italian and I took three semesters of Mandarin in college. The only things I remember how to say in Chinese are “My name is…”, “I come from…” and “I want a glass of orange juice”. At least I won’t die of thirst in China.

3. My dream until the age of 15 was to be a professional ballet dancer. And I don’t mean the pink tutu kind of dream; I mean the bloody blisters, puddles of sweat and tears from three hours of toe shoes each day kind of dream. Hard core. My body didn’t cooperate and as soon as I hit puberty my newly formed curves and 5’10” height thwarted my dreams.

4. I haven’t taken a single antibiotic or any other type of medicine (other than the occasional aspirin) since the age of 9 (that’s 22 years!!). I have allowed my body to heal itself on countless occasions, relying on herbal remedies, acupuncture and the power of positive thinking.

5. I took a year off during college to travel through India. I met the most interesting people and visited remote towns where the inhabitants didn’t have power, telephones, or running water. I visited Hindu temples and took a two-week course in the Hindu religion. I fell in love with India’s culture, food, music, and art.

6. I quit drinking coffee cold turkey about four months ago and didn’t get a single withdrawal symptom. One day I woke up and decided that I didn’t like how coffee made me feel or what it could do to my fertility, and that was the end of a decade-long love affair with coffee. I told my body that it was free of all chemical addictions to coffee and that it would feel healthy and balanced without it. It worked.

7. Babies weird me out. I don’t know what to do with them, how to entertain them, or how to quiet them down when they start crying. My biggest fear is to have to baby-sit an infant. However, I feel 100% confident that when I have my own children I’ll be able to handle them just fine. It’s other people’s kids that I have an issue with.

Whew! That was fun! On Monday you’ll find out which of these seven incredibly fascinating facts is actually a fib. Oh, the suspense…

Now I get to tag three people, and the Oscars go to:

Lemon Gloria, Jay Michael Rivera, and Karen Shanley. (My apologies to you if you’d already been tagged.)

OK, people, it’s time to break out the champagne!!!  Well, maybe not just yet, but here’s the deal:

I had a voice mail on my cell phone a couple of days ago.  Thinking it wasn’t anything important (other than a bride foaming at the mouth), I neglected to check it.  Today, I was at the Mexican DMV poking my eyes out because they screwed up my paperwork.  So I pulled out my cell phone and decided to finally check my messages.  The call was from some dude from a resort development company, asking me to call him back.

I wrote down his number and called out of curiosity.  When I got through to him, he explained that he is heading a massive land development project involving 85 vacation homes, a B&B, a restaurant, and a chapel in the area where I live.  At first I thought he wanted me to do weddings at the location, but it turns out HE WANTS ME TO RUN THE WHOLE GOSH-DARN PROJECT!!!

I am still in shock.  We are meeting next week to discuss my involvement.  This is a HUGE self-esteem booster.  THIS IS WHAT I WENT TO COLLEGE TO DO!!

I think what triggered this opportunity was that I decided I wasn’t going to take on any more weddings for this year.  I told the Universe that I wanted to have some free time to dedicate to something that posed a bigger challenge, something that stimulated me intellectually, something that BROUGHT IN THE BIG BUCKS!!!   A few days later, Mr. Opportunity comes knocking at my door!!

All right people, I’m off to research Italian-inspired wedding chapels!  Wish me luck!!

There’s this hill on our regular bike route, and it’s a bitch. I’ve tried climbing it three times, and each time I’ve gotten about a third of the way up before I have to get off my bike in defeat and push the damn contraption up the rest of the hill.

If you have a road bike with clip pedals, you KNOW getting off a bike mid-climb – when your vision is blurry, your lungs are heaving, your arms are shaking, and your legs are burning – is no small feat. I don’t dismount the bike as much as fling a leg out for dear life, hoping I’ll be able to lean in the direction of the unclipped foot. Sometimes, my body weight doesn’t cooperate and I feel myself slowly tipping over to the opposite side of the bike (in a really pathetic slow-motion move, complete with a guttural “Nooo-o-o-o-o-o” like in the movies), my free leg flailing like a drunken can-can girl’s. Moments later, I end up sitting under my bike, red-faced and purple-assed.

Today, however, is a special day. People, TODAY I have conquered the hill!!! YEAH, BABY!!! Torrey Pines, kiss my sore butt! 😀

I tackled the bastard head on, shutting out all negative thoughts in my head and concentrating only on the beautiful sound of my wheezing, coughing, and grunting. Biking is such a lady-like sport! When we got to the top of the hill, Mr. T was bursting with pride. He congratulated me profusely and beamed like a new father. My first words to him at the end of the climb? “Dude, you’re buying me breakfast.”

Mr. T told me this story when we started dating…

A couple had been married for 50 years.  Every day, the husband would make a sandwich for the wife. Whenever they were running low on bread, he would give her a sandwich made with the heels of the loaf and he would eat the inside slices.

One day, the woman turned to the man and said: “I’ve had enough! For fifty years I’ve cooked and cleaned and birthed your children. Yet, whenever we’re running low on bread, you ALWAYS give me the heel. Enough already!” 

The man turned to the woman with a bewildered expression, and told her: “But… For fifty years the heel has been my favorite piece.”

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