It was Saturday night and Mr. T’s living room looked like a Star Wars convention minus the Hans Solo costumes and lightsabers. A dozen or so post-graduate engineering students gathered in awe around a Roomba, and they positively squealed with delight – I kid you not – when the Frisbee-sized vacuuming robot made its way clumsily across the room.

Meanwhile, the two lone females at the gathering (a twenty-something and I) hoarded the guacamole and made small talk. She was the girlfriend of the least geeky student in the group, one of those guys who somehow manages to pull off a high level of intelligence without succumbing to pocket protectors and paralyzing shyness.

“How do you do it?” she asked in awe, looking at Mr. T holding court among his adoring students. “Doesn’t it just overwhelm you?”

I answered with a beatific smile and a knowing wink, “I simply embrace the geekyness.”

It’s true: I love my geek! I am convinced that geeks are sex gods in (very unhip) sheep’s clothing. See, while most jocks and liberal arts majors were getting laid in high school and college, geeks were: a) getting a useful education; b) planning a secure future and a good career; and most importantly c) fantasizing about all the things they would do with a woman if only they had the ability to actually get one to pay attention to them.

If you are a savvy woman who can see past the pocket protectors and button-down short-sleeved shirts, you’ll very likely discover a gentle, sincere, friendly, intelligent man who not only worships the ground you walk on, but is horny as hell and will fulfill your deepest, darkest fantasies.

Still not convinced? Then consider this: Most geeks aren’t addicted to drugs or alcohol, and they don’t gamble or womanize. OK, so you might be dragged to a couple of Star Wars conventions…Think of it as “role play” for later on that night! In all seriousness though, once you delve past the geek stereotype and discover the real person, you’ll probably be delighted by a witty sense of humor, a penchant for poetry, an appreciation for the fine arts, or a love of nature (and if you’re lucky, like me, you’ll get the full package!).

So ladies, the next time a geek asks you out, give him a chance! It might just be the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

P.S. If you don’t think geeks are the thinking woman’s Fabio, just ask this woman.