swedish chef

If you remember from my old blog, I found myself in a slump a few weeks ago. I wasn’t enjoying my job as a wedding planner, yet I didn’t know how to transition into something new, or even what that new thing should be. The original opportunity to teach cooking classes in January and February fell through, but this past Friday I decided I was going to take the horse by the reigns, stop feeling sorry for myself, and create my own future.

I started by being thankful for the job I have now. Every morning for the past three months I have forced myself to say “Thank you for my job”, but I wasn’t really feeling it. On Friday however, I internalized the feelings of gratefulness for a healthy income, nice clients, a flexible schedule, the opportunity to touch people’s lives, and the ability to bring revenue to my city. I stayed with these feelings for a few minutes and I finally felt at peace with my present position.

On Monday morning, I received an e-mail from a vendor who runs a tour company in my city. She has a group of 40 Americans who want a cooking class!! I should have been jumping up and down, right? I mean, if I charge 40 people just $25 a piece for a cooking class, that’s a TON of money!! Instead, I panicked, doubted my talents, and quickly found a way to sabotage this lovely opportunity. I told her that the place I worked with didn’t have space for so many people and dismissed her request.

Fortunately (although I didn’t consider it to be such a smart move at the time) I mentioned the opportunity to Mr. T when I picked him up from work that night. He was incredibly excited for me and assured me that where there was a will, there was a way. I resisted at first, fighting like an upside-down cat in a bathtub full of water. I even went so far as to demand a change of topic unless he wanted me throw a temper tantrum at the video store we were in. However, my man wouldn’t be swayed. He followed me around Blockbuster, stubbornly insisting that I think outside the box and pushing me to see this as a great opportunity instead of a monumental hurdle.

Finally, I admitted I was scared. No, more than that. I was PETRIFIED. I have never taught a class for 40 people. Heck, I’ve never taught a cooking class, period. However, through Mr. T’s gentle but consistent encouragement, I realized that these people weren’t expecting Emeril Legasse! They just wanted to spend a fun couple of hours exploring the culinary world that is so familiar to me and so exotic to them.

As soon as we got home, I e-mailed my vendor and told her to give me a couple of days to come up with a viable option for her group. I then took a moment to thank the Universe for this opportunity and for sending me a loving and enthusiastic man who sees my true worth and never takes “no” for an answer.