Can someone tell me what is proper iPod behavior when out in public? I mean, what happens when a REALLY GOOD hip-shaking song starts playing while you’re walking down the street? Do you sing along and shake your bom-bom to the music, ignoring gawking passersby? Or, do you suppress your inner Shakira and keep putting one foot in front of the other? I feel like that commercial for a certain cell phone/mp3 player, where the girl is walking but her shadow is dancing its heart out.

Personally, I’m a shaker. I keep walking, but I swish my hips back and forth in time to the music and sing along. It’s the Latino in me and I can’t shake it (ha ha), no matter how hard I try to keep a straight face (or butt, in this case).

Holding myself accountable: I speed-walked for exactly 1 hour and plowed up two pretty steep hills. Endorphins were pumping and I felt like I could conquer the WORLD!! On a sad note, I feel a little jiggly, like some fat crept onto my hips and belly while I was busy eating french fries. With my 31st birthday looming in three weeks, I don’t have a single day to waste!!