So…It appears that my fears of not finding a suitable space for giving a cooking class for 40 people were unfounded. I found the IDEAL show kitchen set-up at the very first restaurant I went to!! Now, you must keep in mind that I had to find a clean and presentable show kitchen with an area large enough to seat 40 people AND a prep area big enough to accommodate 15-20 people practicing their guacamole skills. All this, in the middle of the VERY rustic Baja vineyards, where most people’s idea of a restaurant is a grill and some wooden benches. But I found it!!! The manager was helpful and gave me a tour of the entire kitchen! Even better, the restaurant is going to cook the main course for 40 people after I teach the clients how to make it! YIPEEEE!!! *doing a happy dance*

runnerOn another note, I’ve decided to keep an accountability journal on this very same blog (so you can all follow along, how’s that for motivation?). Fortunately, I don’t have to lose weight, but I’ve been extremely lazy when it comes to exercising and getting in shape (and if I keep this up, I WILL have to lose weight). The bike race is only TWO MONTHS away, people!! Not only that…The half marathon I want to run is on August 19, a measly SIX MONTHS away, and I can’t run more than 3 miles without passing out. Pathetic.

I’m an expert at coming up with excuses for not exercising! I complained about not having motivational music for running, so Mr. T gave me an iPod last year. After that it was the painful bike seat, so Mr. T bought me a lovely and very comfy one. Next it was the running shoes, so I bought a new pair. Then it was the lack of sports watch, so I got one. My sport bras were too constrictive, so I ordered two new ones. One morning, I actually made it all the way to my usual running spot before realizing my iPod was dead (so of course I had to cancel the run). What is WRONG with me??? I would understand my hesitation to go outdoors if I lived in Minnesota or Wyoming or somewhere extremely cold. But I live in beautiful, sunny, BONE DRY Baja (70 miles south of San Diego, CA for those of you on the East Coast).

So I’ve decided that enough is enough! Tomorrow morning – rain or shine – I will lace up my running shoes and head out. My playlists are loaded, my stop watch is strapped on, my clothes are laid out, my socks are washed, my brand new running shoes are waiting to be broken in, my toenails are trimmed (TMI? Sorry…). I AM READY!!

I know a couple of you girls out there who are jonesing to lose some weight. What say we all start accountability journals together? Ultimately, we’re each responsible for our bodies, our health, our lifestyles and our goals, but a little encouragement never hurt, right??