I’m curious… If you are or have been married and spent more than $5,000 on your ceremony and reception, do you look back and wish you had celebrated more conservatively and had spent the money on something else? If so, what would you have spent the money on (honeymoon, down payment on a house, purchasing a car, investing in higher education or a retirement savings account, etc.)? If not, why do you consider the money you paid for your wedding to be money well spent?

If you are not married but think that you’ll get married one day, will you spend a lot of money on your wedding? Why or why not?

Your input is much appreciated!


Holding myself accountable: Umm…Do I have to? Sunday after our bike ride, Mr. T wanted to lift weights. We started the workout but I used my secret weapon (aka, tight workout pants) to distract him and we ended up christening the workout bench. *ahem* πŸ™‚ Monday I was a fat, lazy slob but I did get a Brazilian bikini wax! Does the weight loss from pain-induced cold sweat count towards my goals? Tuesday I jogged two pathetic miles. Wednesday I went clothes shopping (my favorite workout), and ate a whole box of Mexican wedding cookies (hey, shopping is exhausting!). Thursday I sat on my ass all day and pounded out a gazillion e-mails. And race day approaches…