OK, people, it’s time to break out the champagne!!!  Well, maybe not just yet, but here’s the deal:

I had a voice mail on my cell phone a couple of days ago.  Thinking it wasn’t anything important (other than a bride foaming at the mouth), I neglected to check it.  Today, I was at the Mexican DMV poking my eyes out because they screwed up my paperwork.  So I pulled out my cell phone and decided to finally check my messages.  The call was from some dude from a resort development company, asking me to call him back.

I wrote down his number and called out of curiosity.  When I got through to him, he explained that he is heading a massive land development project involving 85 vacation homes, a B&B, a restaurant, and a chapel in the area where I live.  At first I thought he wanted me to do weddings at the location, but it turns out HE WANTS ME TO RUN THE WHOLE GOSH-DARN PROJECT!!!

I am still in shock.  We are meeting next week to discuss my involvement.  This is a HUGE self-esteem booster.  THIS IS WHAT I WENT TO COLLEGE TO DO!!

I think what triggered this opportunity was that I decided I wasn’t going to take on any more weddings for this year.  I told the Universe that I wanted to have some free time to dedicate to something that posed a bigger challenge, something that stimulated me intellectually, something that BROUGHT IN THE BIG BUCKS!!!   A few days later, Mr. Opportunity comes knocking at my door!!

All right people, I’m off to research Italian-inspired wedding chapels!  Wish me luck!!