Preface: I’m down in Baja all weekend meeting with clients, while Mr. T is in San Diego. We always talk or e-mail at least once a day when we’re apart, and have been doing so for over 10 months. Neither of us has a phone at home, just a cell phone.

Friday morning:

Leave your message after the beep… “Hey Mr. T, I have some amazing work news! Please call me.”

Friday afternoon e-mail:

“Hey dude, I got some really cool news. You’re not answering your phone so call me/write me when you get a chance.”

Friday evening:

Leave your message after the beep… “Dude, your battery is dead again, I see. I haven’t heard from you all day. Call me when you get a chance, ok?”

Saturday morning:

Leave your message after the beep… “Hey dude, I haven’t heard from you since Thursday. Just wanna make sure everything’s ok!”

Saturday afternoon E-mail:

“Hi sweetheart, I guess you’re busy. It just seems strange that I haven’t heard from you since Thursday and it’s now Saturday afternoon. I would appreciate a quick note saying you’re ok.”

Saturday, 7:00pm

Leave your message after the beep… “Hi hun, it’s me… again. I’m starting to hate your phone. I’m worried about you. No phone call and no e-mail since Thursday? That’s sooooo not normal.”

Saturday, 10:00pm

Leave your message after the beep… “ARGH! I’m worried about you!!”

Sunday, 3:50am


T., I’m worried sick about you. I can’t sleep. You haven’t answered your phone or communicated with me in over two days. I’m concerned something’s happened to you. I even started driving towards the border at freaking 3:00am but I didn’t have gas and the gas stations were closed. (Note to reader: We live over 100 miles apart, and Mexican gas stations close at night.) I will drive up there tomorrow afternoon, as soon as I finish my meeting.

Looooong night of restless sleep and weird dreams ensues…

Sunday, 8:00am

E-mail from Mr. T:

Subject: Uneventful here

“Hi. Things have been uneventful here. Just trying to get some work done and I forgot to recharge my cell phone. So, what’s your big news?”

*sigh* So now I’m sitting here with a bag of frozen stir-fry vegetables over my swollen, puffy eyes, trying to figure out if I should explain to him that women worry about the men they’re in love with (especially when those men love to ride their bikes down freaking big, dangerous hills at 40mph just inches from cars going twice that speed). Or maybe I should just play it cool? (Hard to do after you’ve left eight voice messages.)

I replied to his e-mail saying:

“You know I understand when you need to work and I will never get in your way.  However, in reciprocity I expect a quick message letting me know your plans so I don’t worry about your lack of communication.”

Was I asking too much by expecting a quick “I’ll be working all weekend, don’t bug me” e-mail? Am I stupid to worry about him? I have, in the past, asked him to just let me know when he’s going to be working so that I don’t worry about his lack of communication. Is it self-centeredness on his part, or needless paranoia on mine? And more importantly, does anyone have a trick for deflating puffy eyes?