I was tagged to reveal seven weird facts about me, six of them true and one false. You can see the original post here, and below are my answers. Did you guess correctly?

1. I have moved to a new home a total of 26 times in my (almost) 31 years of life. True.

My biggest wish is to find a place to finally call home.

2. I’m passionate about languages. True.

I only wish I had more patience and discipline.

3. My dream until the age of 15 was to be a professional ballet dancer. True.

I still have dreams where I dance.

4. I haven’t taken a single antibiotic or any other type of medicine (other than the occasional aspirin) since the age of 9 (that’s 22 years!!). True.

Because of this, my body has learned to fight off viruses and I rarely get sick.

5. I took a year off during college to travel through India. False!!!

If I had the money and the time, I would be in India right now, but I’ve never been there before.

6. I quit drinking coffee cold turkey about four months ago and didn’t get a single withdrawal symptom. True.

It’s all in the mind, I don’t even miss it.

7. Babies weird me out. True.

Once they talk, I’m fine. But all that crying and drooling…

Thanks for playing, all five of you faithful readers! 😉

P.S. My mom arrives today and we’re spending the entire week together. She doesn’t know about this blog and I want to keep it that way, so it’ll be hard to sneak in posts. However, this is revving up to be a helluva week, between her visit, our trip to Vegas (!), my potential interview for the new job, and my 31st birthday on Friday!! I’ll be back next week with a re-cap (either that, or I’ll have to sneak online in the middle of the night while she’s asleep.) HAVE A FUN WEEK!!!