Have I ever told you guys that I love you???  Well, I do!!  (No, I’m not drunk!  Geez… Can’t a girl just show her loyal blog readers some luuuv?)  Thanks for the wonderful birthday wishes!!
Sorry for those of you who didn’t get to play “Which one’s false?”, but I had to post the answers before my mom got here.  I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to blog in private during her visit.  Luckily, the two-hour time difference meant she was out like a light by 9pm, giving me enough time to take a peek at my blog while I wait for Mr. T to come home (he e-mailed his schedule this time!  The man is learning… )  Kudos to 2×4 for aceing the test, although you DID call me a liar!!  But you’re a good blogger so I forgive you. 🙂

Things that make you go “hmmm”: Today I called the Mexican Donald Trump (MDT), the dude who called me last week about the great job/project (I Googled him and found out he’s some kind of magnate of Mexican land development).  He had asked me to call this week to set up an appointment to discuss my involvement, but when I contacted him this afternoon he said: “We’re putting together the master plan right now and I’ll e-mail it to you in a couple of days to get your thoughts on where we’re placing everything.”  

Um… That’s great and all, but how’s about you show me the money first, Trumpy?  We haven’t talked about my participation in this project yet (and by participation I mean “cut”, “rate”, “moola”, etc.), so if he thinks I should be flattered to have the opportunity to share my hard-earned knowledge with him for free, he’s barking up the wrong wedding planner.  The “S” on my forehead stands for “Sexy”, not “Stupid”. 😉  Stay tuned…

On another note, I must say: I LOVE MY MOMMA!!  We haven’t stopped gabbing since she got off the plane!  How is it that two women who just five years ago couldn’t stand each other can now be such good friends???  Well, for one, I think she finally realized it’s my life and she can’t tell me how to live it, while it dawned on me that maybe after 33 years of marriage she knew a thing or two about life.  And also, we realized that we’re both a product of extremely different childhoods, cultures, and generations, so we couldn’t expect to react similarly to situations in our life.  Whatever the case, I am thrilled that we are now such good friends.  Woooohoooo!!!

All right, one more hour until Mr. T gets home, thank goodness for Blogroll… You’re getting sleeeeeeepy…