Seriously, who doesn’t have fun in Las Vegas? Mr. T lent us his fabulous Prius, complete with navigation system, so we cruised in style from S.D. to L.V. (and we got 43 mpg, which I was very happy about!!). My mother was blown away by the car’s technology and kept claiming that it would be her next car.

As we approached the City of Sin, we saw a dark cloud hanging above it. No clouds to the right, no clouds to the left; just one big black cloud pouring rain onto Vegas. Pretty awesome sight. Even more awesome, moments later traffic slowed from 75 mph to 45 mph because…IT WAS FREAKING SNOWING IN VEGAS!! Yes people, there was a snow flurry as we arrived in Vegas. Snowing…In the dessert. What will Mother Nature think of next?

We arrived at the very fancy (read: expensive) Bellagio and oohed and ahhed our way through the lobby and up to our plush room. How fancy was it, you ask? Well, the curtains were controlled by a panel of switches on the wall across the room! Trés fancy!! Keeping with the spirit of fancy, we quickly dropped off our stuff and headed over to Spago at the Forum shops for a light lunch underneath perennially blue skies.

After lunch we wondered around the Forum (never a good move as I invariably spend too much money). Last year I bought a beautiful pink purse. This time around, I bought the most expensive jeans I’ve ever owned. But, if you saw how they make my butt look, you’d forgive my weakness! 🙂

We rested for a bit and then had dinner at Todd English’s Olives at the Bellagio. The greek romaine salad was good, but nothing out of this world. However, it did come with a phyllo triangle stuffed with feta cheese! YUM! The main course, on the other hand, was “to die for”!! I ordered the world’s best chestnut ravioli served around a generous portion of creamed broccoli rave. I MUST duplicate this dish, or die trying. Dessert was their famous falling chocolate cake, which oozed warm ganache with every decadent bite.

Appropriately nourished, we ventured out into the freezing night (did I mention it snowed in Vegas?) and headed towards Caesar’s Palace and the Celine Dion concert. I had already attended the concert last year, but it was a real joy to see my mother’s excitement as the lights dimmed and Celine made her way onstage. The concert was just as I remembered it, with stunning vocals, beautiful costumes, good choreography and a typically French-Canadian artistic flair.

Once the concert ended, we headed back to the Bellagio to enjoy the dancing fountains. We stayed for two “performances” before I realized I couldn’t feel my toes anymore, so we headed back to our room. What a day!!

We woke up at 10am (that’s LATE for us!), had breakfast, and headed out to Hoover Dam (at the suggestion of 2×4…thanks!)  What a majestic feat for man to have accomplished!  If you’ve never been to Hoover Dam, next time you’re in Vegas stop by for a visit.  The drive to it is magnificent (about 40 minutes each way) and the views from the dam are awe-inspiring!!

So that was our trip to Vegas!!  The rest of the week was spent basically hanging out in S.D.  My mom lived there many years, so we didn’t have to do all the touristy things.   We celebrated my birthday on Friday by going with Mr. T to my favorite Indian restaurant, and Mr. T surprised me with an amazing present: TEN DAYS IN ITALY!!  We’re going to Napoli and the Amalfi Coast in July!  I’m a lucky, lucky girl!!

Ohhh…How I wish all weeks could be as fun as this one was!!!