I have reached the goal I set for myself almost three years ago. I’ve been blessed (after more than two years of working 12-hour days, six days a week) with a company that provides me with a full-time income on what has now become a part-time schedule. I therefore find myself twiddling my thumbs most afternoons, with nothing more to do than read a book, leaf through a magazine, or peruse blogs.

Sounds wonderful, right? It freaking should be, but instead I find myself feeling guilty. Yes. GUILTY! I feel like I should still be working at a breakneck pace, coming up with new business ideas or doing God-knows-what to prove that I am still at the top of my game.

Has society programmed us to believe that successful people are those who lead crazy, activity-filled lives? When I’m in San Diego enjoying some window-shopping, I often see men and women my age driving expensive convertibles, wearing Italian suits, and invariably talking on their cell phones with a completely business-like demeanor. I constantly read articles and blogs about women who wish their days had 26 hours, because they can never get everything done. Instead of pitying these people, I ENVY THEM! What is wrong with me, people?!?!

I’m certain that when I have children, a husband, and a household to run, my days will be busier. Will I look back at my single days and berate myself for feeling guilty about strolling on the beach, reading a good book, cooking a four-course meal, or even taking a nap? I hope I won’t, but I fear I will.