A few days ago, a friend asked me if she could share my blog with her mom, in order to introduce her to the blogsphere.

My first reaction: “Um… I’d rather not have adults reading my blog.”

Does anyone else still feel like a child playing at being an adult?  I’ve been living on my own since I was 19, I have three college degrees, I own a successful company, I am divorced, for crying out loud…  I’m 31,yet I still feel like a kid!

I’m not complaining, really.  I was just caught off-guard by my own comment.  I love feeling like I still have my entire life ahead of me, knowing that I can do what I want, be who I want.  The best part is, I’m starting to define who I want to be, and it’s tremendously exciting!

I used to envy people who discovered their calling at an early age.  However,  I now find myself thankful for the patchwork quilt of experiences I’ve had as I’ve journeyed through my teens and twenties.  They have refined the lump of clay I was at 18 into a strong, sturdy, elegant vase whose purpose it is to present to the world all that’s beautiful, fresh, and inspiring.

On a more terrestrial note, I’m happy to announce that at 31 years old I still turn frat boys’ heads!  I stopped for some fish tacos in my little town.  As I left the restaurant, a group of five American frat boys almost dropped their tacos as I walked by!  I was wearing my stupidly expensive new jeans, which I’m happy to report very much paid for themselves at that very moment!

Repeat after me: Life is GOOOOOD!!!