Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the entire staircase, just take the first step.

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

I finally realized what I want to do with my life. All my passions, life experiences, hardships, triumphs, and education came together as I meditated on Friday, and SOMETHING hit me on the head. Hard.

I decided that I want to dedicate my energies and talents to helping at-risk young girls (especially minorities) and underprivileged women (especially immigrants and battered women) discover their full potential and rise beyond the circumstances that hold them hostage to poverty, abuse, and lack of opportunities for personal development. I see myself studying the social, cultural, and emotional reasons these women arrived at their predicament, writing books, giving talks, creating partnerships with local businesses, structuring empowerment programs, and continuing the great work of many brave and determined women who came before me.

I’m not sure how I’m going to accomplish this, but I held tight to this vision and took the first step in faith on Monday morning. And as usual, the Universe delivered by the bucketful.

After finishing my meditation and visualization exercises, I returned to my computer to research Master’s degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy (Julie, I have you and your brother to thank for the inspiration). I found an amazing program at San Diego State University, which offers a strong focus on bi-cultural issues. I read the application requirements on their website and realized that before I could apply I would obviously need some field experience, as well as recommendation letters from professionals in related fields.

I decided to find volunteer opportunities in the San Diego area, and quickly came across an empowerment center for underprivileged women and children. I sent them a quick e-mail expressing my interest, and received a positive reply from the director of the center, Lorraine Bowman, not five minutes later. She explained that she needed assistance promoting a national female empowerment conference, and asked if I had marketing experience.

I replied with a brief description of my educational and professional background, and on a whim I added what my long-term goals were. Her almost immediate reply left me breathless, as I marveled at the MAGIC AND ACCURACY of the Universe.

Here’s what she responded with:

– She wanted me to be a presenter at “Girl Talk”, a motivational program for at-risk girls.

– She wanted me to assist her with the marketing and P.R. for her national conference.

– She just recently finished a book and was having a difficult time creating the market analysis her agent was requesting, so she wanted to know if I could offer her assistance with this.

I could NOT have asked for three more PERFECT opportunities to begin my new quest with! Two days – days!! – after visualizing myself giving inspirational talks, I am being asked to be a presenter at a motivational program. My involvement in the marketing of the national conference will put me in contact with hundreds of like-minded associations across the country and will provide invaluable industry experience. Additionally, the assistance I can provide Lorraine in creating a market analysis for her project will open my eyes to the process of publishing a book.

But most importantly, this unbelievable opportunity will allow me to begin touching the lives of women and girls who need all the encouragement and empowerment they can get!