I’ve been tagged by Karen to come up with my five fave songs (Which is fabulous because it was either this or a post about menstrual cramps. So please thank Karen). After browsing through my iTunes list, I present to you:

1. Easy Silence, by the Dixie Chicks. When I met Mr. T my life was beyond hectic, and he was the “easy silence” in my life. It’s become kinda like “our song”. Ok, gag all you want… It gets better.

2. Goodbye Earl, by (who else?) the Dixie Chicks. This one goes out to all the chicken-shit men who try to prove their manhood by beating up the only person in the world who demonstrates some sort of affection towards them. In what warped universe does that make any sense?

3. By Your Side, by Sade. Soft, sultry, seductive. Sigh.

4. Te Amo, by Nicho Hinojosa. A bohemian love anthem. My friend R. thinks I should play this one at my wedding, and I’m inclined to agree with her.

5. Shyam Rang Bhar Do, by A.R. Rahman. Uplifting love song (not that I can understand what they’re saying, but I know the Hindi word “love” is in there and damn it, the song makes me dance!) from the movie “Water”.

Well, there you have it!

2×4 and Constant Evolution, you have been tagged (stop grumbling and hop to it!). This should help you assemble your music list for the wedding!!