I did it! On Sunday I gave my first cooking class and it was a hit! I made it very interactive (so that if something didn’t come out quite right it would be the students’ fault and not mine.. ha ha), and my six pupils had a blast making quesadillas, stuffing peppers, and baking a pie.

Here’s what made the 90 minutes of grocery shopping and 2.5 hours of prep time worthwhile:

– The look of accomplishment from one woman who claimed that she “always burned everything”, when she saw her perfect pie emerge from the oven.

– The looks of admiration I received when I answered culinary questions that had perplexed them for years, like: “Why are my tomatoes mushy and watery after I cut them?” (You don’t seed them and you don’t use a bread knife to cut them), and “How can you keep from crying when chopping onion?” (Use the right cutting technique and keep your onions in the fridge). One of the students even said: “Her answers alone are worth the price of admission!” 😀

– The “Oh my God, you make it look so easy!” comments.

– The realization that I actually learned something at culinary school, and the empowerment of knowing I could make a living doing this if I wanted to.

– The big hug I received from a lovely lady at the end of the meal, with promises to bring her friends the next time she visits.

You’re going to think I’m nuts, but realizing that I don’t have to be a wedding planner made me appreciate my job more. It made me look at it from a positive perspective and appreciate all the reasons why I do enjoy it (although it’s hard to come up with any on Monday morning after working all weekend and still having to work today. *sigh*)