Yesterday I met with a couple in their late thirties who are planning their wedding for later this year (the first for both).  The groom was the type of guy who seemed stuck-up at first, but once you got to know him he was actually quite charming and down-to-earth.  The bride, on the other hand, was tightly wound, snarky, and temperamental.  She had a wedding binder the thickness of which I have NEVER seen in my three years as a wedding planner.  I’m not joking: If she dropped that binder from a third-story window she could kill someone!

Throughout our meeting, she fretted and grumbled after every suggestion the groom and I made.  She wanted things her way and would not listen to common sense (the groom’s) or the wisdom that comes from experience (mine).  The groom seemed to take her bitchiness in stride, but I kept wondering how long the marriage would last, or if they would even make it to the wedding.  I muddled through the meeting and was relieved when the food arrived for the tasting.

As they ate, I asked them how they had met (a favorite topic of all couples).  The groom mentioned that they were introduced through a dating service, and the bride said, “Yeah, he was my five thousand dollar date.”  Yes, you read right.  She paid a dating service $5,000 to introduce her to guys!  Holy cow!!!  And here I thought I had been ripped off after paying $200 to eHarmony!

Although she didn’t have the most lovely personality, he seemed to put up with her snarkiness and they seemed like a good fit, so obviously her investment was worthwhile.  Which got me thinking: Would you pay $5,000 to find your perfect match?