Did you miss me? I sure missed you! Life has been crazy since last week, what with college applications and all. Turns out, I am applying for a Master’s degree in Primary Montessori Education!! I’ve always wanted to go back to school to get a Master’s degree, and now my dream is coming true! But of course that implies applications and essays, along with planning weddings, so it’s been a crazy week. I just came back from delivering my application and now the waiting game starts! Oh, did I mention I’ve already been hired for two 2008 weddings?!?!

In other news, I did the Rosarito-Ensenada bike race in an AWESOME 3.5 hours! It was 50 gruelling miles, including a massive 800 ft. climb in a span of less than 3 miles. I think it was the most fun I’ve had with my clothes on in a VERY long time! I can’t wait to do it again in September!!!

I found out today that one of my very close friends is pregnant! She’s been trying to get pregnant for many months, so it’s a fabulous piece of news. So now, out of my five good friends, three are pregnant (the other two aren’t married, so they’d better not be pregnant)! Can someone recommend a good “one size fits all” baby shower present? I’m at a loss…

Oh, I almost forgot! Mr. T and I celebrated the anniversary of our first date last Friday!!! Wow, I can’t believe how far I’ve come in one year. I remember I was sooooo busy with work last year, and the poor man kept calling and trying to invite me on a date. My assistant had to field my calls because the brides were driving me crazy, and Mr. T ended up talking with Mary Jane three times. I was finally able to take his call and told him, “Look, I’m available on April 20th or Thanksgiving. Take your pick.” And the rest, as they say, is history. He was such a trooper…

And finally, Mr. T is getting a new puppy tonight! Checkers, a beautiful mini red merle Australian Shepherd arrives at S.D. airport in just a few hours!!! Pictures and gushing “new mommy” descriptions to come soon.

OK, now I’m off to catch up on your blogs!!!! Thanks for not forgetting about me, all four of you! πŸ™‚