Author’s note: This was the first entry on my first blog, posted exactly one year ago today. Mr. T and I had been dating for one month. We went trail running… He kicked my butt and won my heart.

“When life gives you lemons, make a wildflower bouquet.”

With these words, a small arrangement of bright blooms, and an even brighter smile, he made me forget all about my twisted, aching ankle. Wouldn’t you let go of your sorrows when the man of your dreams hand-picks flowers to cheer you up?

I wrapped my arms around him in an effort to hide the wave of emotions that threatened to overwhelm me. Tears came to my eyes: tears of gratitude and joy, tears of love and tenderness, and above all, tears of relief.

How fortunate I am to have met this man and to have become enveloped by his love, his warmth, and his giving, unselfish spirit. His very presence fills me with happiness; my soul stirs when I look into his sweet, honest eyes.

His brilliant mind is never at rest, always pondering, questioning, testing boundaries. His sense of humor is at once infuriatingly cunning and endearingly innocent. His zest for life is exhilarating. His good looks and boyish smile make my knees quiver and my heart skip a beat. His body, strong and protective, presses against mine and takes me to new realms of physical pleasure.

I feel more strongly about him after a month of dating than I ever did about the man I was married to. This I find at once fascinating and disconcerting. I am learning to enjoy each day of our courtship without the urgency I tended to inject into relationships. No longer do I need to achieve that elusive and daunting goal of marriage for the sake of reaching a socially-imposed milestone. My matrimony and subsequent divorce have freed me of this pressure, and for that I am forever grateful.

I used to question why brides placed so much importance on their weddings, why they were so excited about the day. Now, feeling as I do after such a short time, it takes an enormous amount of restraint not to shout my emotions from the rooftops. I wish everyone could know how I feel about him. Maybe one day they all will, and we’ll share in a celebration of our love. In the meantime, I treasure each day we spend together as a precious gift not to be taken for granted.