By this time tomorrow, I’ll be tanning my belly on the white beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula… YEAH!!! I spent half the day yesterday getting waxed (ouch!), massaged, facialed (is that a word?), scrubbed, manicured and pedicured. I could get used to this type of treatment, although by the end my wallet was screaming more loudly than I did during the Brazilian waxing session.

So, I’ll be MIA for a week of fun in the sun. One of my friends thinks that this is when Mr. T is going to propose formally. I doubt it, but if he does you’ll certainly be the first to know!

Before I leave, I want to share this little eye-rolling tidbit with you:

Turns out that the rumor of me not getting dates for next year at a particular venue/hotel are completely unfounded. I went to speak with the events manager on Thursday and I told her what I had heard. She looked confused and assured me that there was no ban against me at their property. She said that a wedding was a wedding, and as far as she was concerned they weren’t going to turn down a smaller event that could fill the hotel for the weekend. She also said that although I was demanding, she knew that I always treated her staff with respect and assured me that she had not received any complaints from the events personnel.

While the manager and I were walking towards her office, we bumped into the head housekeeper (aka, she who started the rumor). The woman did not even return my greeting after I said hello and smiled at her.

I couldn’t figure out what I had done to upset her so terribly, so I headed back over to the florist’s shop. I told him what the events manager had said and my florist replied, “Well, the only other thing I can think of is that you’re not tipping her appropriately.”

Tipping her? Honestly, the thought hadn’t even occurred to me. I never tip my vendors, but I obviously allow clients to do so if they feel a service meets or exceeds their expectations. The head housekeeper had never provided any services for me directly, but I found out from the florist that she’s the one who stays behind when the wedding is over and makes sure all the florist’s bases, linens, and additional decor are stored. The florist tips her after every wedding, and apparently I’m expected to do the same. Go figure…

I gave the florist some money and asked him to send her a nice floral arrangement. I attached a card thanking her for her services during my events and made a mental note to tip her a few bucks prior to leaving each wedding.

I dislike people who demand tips for doing their job (I don’t mean waiters or other workers whose income depends on tips, of course). Several things have gone missing in the past, and now I know who’s behind the disappearing act (although I can’t prove it). Hopefully by tipping her, I can prevent things from getting “lost” again. I figured this was the smartest way to go about it. I’m really not in the mood to confront an ignorant, money-grubbing, back-stabbing, two-faced liar. I figured I’d kill her with kindness. I wonder what her reaction will be when she gets the flowers. Ten bucks says she doesn’t even thank me.

Drama solved, I’m off to enjoy myself in Cancun!! When I come back it will be non-stop work for an entire month. I’m looking at six-day workweeks between my return and the middle of July. Is wedding season over yet?

P.S. Thanks to all of you who commented! Your words of encouragement, empathy and support really helped!!