I took Morena for a walk (on lead, ha ha), and as we rounded the final corner towards Mr. T’s complex, I saw a guy in an old green Honda Civic.  He looked familiar, and as I approached the car I realized that IT WAS MY EX-HUSBAND

(Pause for collective gasp)

FORTUNATELY (Thank you GOD), he was looking down at some CDs that he was shuffling on his lap, and he didn’t see me as I walked by (strange, because I was wearing a bright orange shirt).  I was 90% certain it was him at that point, so I sped up and turned the corner into the driveway that leads to Mr. T’s building.

Crouching behind some bushes (damn bright orange shirt!), I watched as he got out of his car and took some items out of the trunk.  IT WAS HIM!!  At this point, I was certain.  There was no mistaking his thick legs, untucked over-sized polo shirt, bald head, and 1980’s Ray Ban sunglasses.

My heart pounding, I watched as he returned to the car two more times to retrieve items.  Each time, he disappeared from view as he headed towards the home he was visiting (or living in?  GAWD!).  I couldn’t see which condo he was going into, because it was located on a driveway that runs parallel to Mr. T’s.

I waited a few more minutes, but he failed to come out again, so I ran to Mr. T’s house and locked myself inside.

This is the second sighting of the ex in as many months, after eight months of blissfully ignoring to where he’d vanished.  Last month, he suddenly appeared (not as a guest, but as an onlooker) at a 320-person wedding I was coordinating for the daughter of a local politician.   Now, he shows up just one driveway away from where I will very soon be living full-time.

I’m trying to rebuild my life… Is it too much to ask that he do the same while keeping a reasonable distance from me?  Is this all just a coincidence, or is something strange going on?

I hesitate to tell Mr. T.  I’m afraid he’ll think I’m more trouble than I’m worth… First an undisciplined dog, now a lurking ex-husband.  What next?  A mother who comes to live with us?

UPDATE: I wrote the original text Sunday at around noon. It’s Monday, 24 hours later, and his car is still there. GAWD!!!!