I can hardly believe that school starts tomorrow!!! I will officially be a student again, after many years of yearning to return to the classroom.   We had to read a book prior to the beginning of classes.  I’m almost done with it, but as I’ve always done since junior high, I’ll probably read the last few pages as I’m brushing my teeth or walking to school tomorrow.  Some habits die hard, and procrastination is certainly one of them.

Last night I had a meeting with a couple who hired me for their wedding in May of next year. They’re nice enough, but through the entire meeting I just saw myself repeating the same things, hearing the same comments, answering the same questions… I felt at times like the teacher in the Peanuts comics: MUAH-MUAH-MUAH-MUAAAAAAAHHHH.

Most definitely, it’s time for a change!


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