the secret

So… I was getting ready to publish a “woe is me” post outlining my annoyance at my current profession, the envy I feel because all my friends are having children and I’m not, the silly arguments Mr. T and I have had in the past week, and the fact that I have a cold and it’s 90F outside.

But then a friend who runs a B&B contacted me to tell me that she had scheduled a photo shoot for me with West magazine this Friday for my cooking classes.

Me.  In West magazine.  With a published recipe.  And my contact information.

I shouldn’t stop reminding myself that when things seem to be going badly, it’s only because our energies are re-aligning themselves towards something new and better.

Now excuse me, I have to go figure out how to make and creatively plate ceviche with peaches.


I’m in shock.  Plain.  Utter.  Shock.

Back in September of 2006, amidst total wedding mayhem (6 weddings in one month with one of my employees out on an extended leave), I provided a floral service for a bride who did not hire me as her consultant, only as her decorator.  She gave me a small deposit to secure the date, and two weeks before the wedding assured me that the balance was on its way.  The decor services were provided, and the payment never arrived.

I contacted her after her wedding and she assured me that she would send out another check immediately.  She even went so far as to gush about the decor services, exclaiming that we had surpassed her expectations.  However, weeks went by and no check was sent.  I invoiced her several times and even sent a couple of personal e-mails explaining the dire situation she put me in.  She owed me over $2,000!!!  I of course had to pay the florist for his work, so I had to absorb about 90% of the loss.

It served as a powerful lesson not to trust anyone, no matter how nice, or how rich, or how reassuring they seemed.  For months I lamented my stupidity, fretting over this significant financial loss.  After watching “The Secret” and reading about “The Law of Attraction”, I decided to sincerely forgive this girl for her wrong-doing and asked the Universe to provide me with that money in whatever way it saw fit.  I visualized the money arriving in my bank account and felt happy and relieved.  It took me a few tries, but eventually I let go of my anger and forgot the situation entirely.  This must have been back in February.

Ten minutes ago, I checked my e-mail.  In my inbox was a PayPal message saying I had received a $2,000+ payment from the delincuent bride.

The Universe NEVER ceases to amaze me.